Friday, 12 October 2012

Recette: Griddled salmon with cheese

While I'm a big fan of salmon, I must admit I don't really know how to make it interesting. I always tend to pop it in a tin foil papillote with some lemon and butter, or soya sauce and ginger if I'm feeling oriental, before forgetting about it for 20 minutes in the oven. While that makes for a perfectly tasty supper, I fancied trying something different with my salmon this time.

Recette: Griddled salmon with cheese

Serves 2 as a main course.

You will need: 2 salmon fillets, 2 thin slices of cheese (Taleggio works well but I opted for Gouda), some fresh basil leaves and 4 slices of prosciutto or parma ham. 

Season the salmon with a bit of pepper. There is no need to add salt, as the prosciutto and cheese will do this. Cut the cheese to fit the salmon fillets and place it on top of the fleshy side of the fish. Top the cheese with several fresh basil leaves and wrap the fillets entirely with the prosciutto to make a parcel. 

Heat a griddle pan and cook the parcels for 10 minutes on each side over a medium heat (depending on how well cooked you like your salmon).   

Serve with fresh vegetables (I chose baby carrots and peas) or a salad as this can be quite a rich main course, and a glass of white wine if it's the weekend! 

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