Friday, 27 July 2012

Little greedy pleasures / Petits plaisirs gourmands

After having my wisdom teeth out this week, my daily diet has been reduced to mashed potatoes with gravy, vanilla ice cream and the French equivalent of Yop. For a self-confessed gourmande, I'm sure you can understand that not being able to eat proper food is even more painful than having my actual teeth pulled. Today is the first day since the surgery that I've felt like leaving the house and I decided to celebrate by indulging in some greedy therapy. Good enough to eat!

Peach and Basil Room Spray, Durance / Confiture Candle, Durance / Strawberry key chain

The confiture maison (home-made jam) candle has a nostalgic smell that makes me think of home. Just need a cup of tea and some warm jammy toast to go with it when I've recovered...

After coming across Miam Paris online, I have become a fan of greedy jewellery and was thus delighted to find out that one of the shops in Saintes has a whole collection! I couldn't resist this strawberry keyring that makes me feel all summery. Almost as good as the real thing.

Which one's the fake?

 Living in the town center can have its advantages but the smell of cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes wafting in from the street outside are not one of them. That is why I have become a fan of scented room sprays, with the condition of course that they make me feel happy and that they last a long time. Otherwise it's a bit of a rip-off. I really like this collection from 'Durance', they do loads of different scents and have just brought out this sorbet collection for summer. After hesitating between raspberry and mint or peach and basil, I gave in to the exotic smell of peaches (the minty after-smell left behind with the former was a bit strong, dommage!)