Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy New Year / Bonne année

Any excuse to eat is a good excuse, and what better excuse than my first New Year's Eve off in three years? While this year's festivities were somewhat low-key (dinner for four) it couldn't have been better. 

Champagne followed by more champagne followed by three sorts of wine means that I forgot to keep taking photos as the evening went on, but at least the beginning of the fun was well documented! 

Cheri and our good friend T got down to the hard graft: opening the 24 oysters that made up part of our starter, an enormous seafood platter. Despite some dubious knife techniques, no fingers were cut in the opening of these Marennes-Oleron oysters.

The platter itself was comprised of massive king prawns, langoustines (tasty but hard to unshell), whelks and the aformentioned oysters. I found the oysters quite delicate and didn't need to drown them in lemon as I normally do, and the prawns were delicious dipped in a homemade mayonaise.

T's girlfriend, N, had also fashioned some impressive looking skewers with three different types of bread. 

The skewers were put to good use while eating through the impressive cheese platter: Epoisses, Comte, goat's cheese and a square-shaped soft cheese. The actual platter and accessories were one of my Christmas presents from Cheri on a culinary theme. 

No photos of the dessert as I was far too full/happy/tipsy to take any but I can assure you it was just as delightful! 

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